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Answers to your most asked questions

What service do you provide?

We provide an accommodation support service to families or patients in hospital a long way from home.

We are not able to support families with petrol, food or transport or any other type of service other than accommodation.

Can anyone use your service?

Our service is designed to support patients/families with a loved one in hospital far from home who are facing

1)        Medical Crisis and/or

2)        Financial Hardship

How do I access your service?

Your social worker can send an online referral providing us details with your circumstances and needs. Alternatively, patients or their families can complete an online referral form but this would always be verified by a health professional (medical practitioner, nurse, social worker, welfare worker) who has good knowledge of the patient’s medical condition

How many family members can you accommodate?

As we book hotel/motel rooms near hospital, we can accommodate up to 4 people as per a standard family room.  In extreme circumstances we may be able to assist more family members but only in the short term.

How long can we receive support from Heartfelt Homes?

We can offer support from 1 night up to several weeks, dependant on your circumstances.  Please bear in mind that we are designed to be a short-term solution to keeping families close to a loved one admitted to hospital a long way from home and usually other, more suitable arrangements can be made if the stay is going to be long term. Using hotel and motel rooms means that we cannot always provide suitable facilities (such as kitchen and laundry) to make a long term stay comfortable.

Where are your rooms located?

We aim to secure rooms within 10km of the hospital.  Usually we can achieve a 5km radius or less, depending on the hospital location.  Some rooms are directly opposite the hospital.

We currently work with several major hospitals throughout Australia.

What standard are your rooms?

3* and above.  We work with a variety of accommodation providers and can meet most family’s needs.

What costs apply?

There is a small room contribution of $50 payable before check in.

How do I check into my room?

Heartfelt Homes makes your booking on your behalf so when you arrive at your hotel/motel just present yourself at reception.  Some of our accommodation partners may take a small room bond for your stay (up to $100), which will be fully refunded upon checkout.  In cases where damage or breakage has occurred, it is your responsibility to cover costs.

What services can be used at the hotels/motels?

Heartfelt Homes provides accommodation, our service does not cover room phone calls, meals, internet usage or any other room charges.  These charges will be applied to the guest’s credit card upon check out.

 Can room contributions be refunded if we no longer need the room?

In some instances, we may be charged a cancellation fee by the hotel/motel and we would have to pass on this charge to you.

In our experience it is advisable to make shorter bookings (1-3 nights) and review the patient’s condition each day and the family’s needs as we do understand how quickly things can change/improve.

Can I donate my home for families to stay in?

This is a question we get asked a lot and it’s just so heart warming to hear from generous, kind people willing to help in this way.  Sadly, due to insurance reasons and procedures, we cannot place families or patients in private homes.

We do have lots of ways you can get involved and help us to keep families together, have a look at our list below. Thank you.

How you can help?

We’ve already helped hundreds of families but at any one time there are hundreds more in urgent need of somewhere to stay near the hospital.  Your help in achieving this is greatly appreciated.

Everyone knows someone who has been involved in a medical emergency or who needs ongoing hospital treatment, it can happen to any one of us at any time.

With your generous support, we can help families more families get through a very difficult time, there are lots of ways to get involved.

  • Sponsor a room through our Corporate Sponsorship
  • Make a Tax Deductible Donation, one off or regularly, every bit helps
  • Fundraise for Heartfelt Homes
  • Introduce workplace giving in your place of employment
  • Give a gift – invite your friends and family to donate on your behalf instead of receiving presents for birthdays or Christmas

We keep families together

at a time when they need each other the most and we want to be able to say yes to every single family, every single time…please, can you help us?

Donate now