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“There’s been an accident.” Mother-of-three, Fiona MacAnally, no stranger to medical crisis far away from home.

When you meet Heartfelt Homes’ Managing Director, Fiona MacAnally, you can't help but warm to her bubbly personality and  compassionate nature. As a self-confessed wearer of her heart on her sleeve, it will only take you a short time to realise that Fiona cares. Genuinely.   Fiona MacAnally, Managing Director - Heartfelt Homes, 2017. As mum to three active boys now in their twenties, and wife to cycling-fanatic, Gus; Fiona is no stranger to picking up the phone and hearing those heart-stopping words, "there's been an accident." One Saturday morning in 2013, Gus was out on a road bike ride when he was hit by a car travelling at speed and flung from his bike breaking his back in several places. As a self-employed acupuncturist, his income stopped immediately

Meet the Osbornes: Family from Bathurst endures medical crisis at Westmead.

If ever there's a family's story that will remind you to count your blessings as you go to sleep tonight, it's the Osbornes. Just over 12 months ago in October 2016, 15-year-old Scott, a very sporty and active teenager, was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia Syndrome with Monosomy 7, or MDS. To you and me, we know that diagnosis doesn't sound good. But, as you move on with your day, swipe to the next story in your news feed, let me tell you what that diagnosis actually means to this beautiful family from Bathurst, New South Wales. To the Osbornes, a family which lives over 2.5 hours away from The Children's Hospital at Westmead where Scott's urgent treatment was required, his familiar life changed immediately. His diagnosis meant that Scott needed

Stone and Wood providing valuable support for Heartfelt Homes.

The moment you meet the team at Stone and Wood, Byron Bay, you know you're in the presence of a company with heart. Not only do the original brewers of the Northern Rivers provide a range of deliciously unique lagers and ales currently sold in bottle shops and bars across Australia; with their company ethos firmly rooted in their local community, their day-to-day impact far exceeds bottles of - albeit superior - beer. Stone and Wood is dedicated to giving back to the local community which helped them achieve the success story they can tell today. Every month, the popular brewing company, which quickly became a household brand after their establishment in 2008, chooses a local, grassroots charity to support through their Ingrained Program. During the month, 100% of

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Family from Rutherford, NSW, facing serious medical crisis 160 kilometres from home.

Imagine. As you prepare dinner for the family tonight or kiss your kids' goodbye as they rush out the door to school; imagine that life doesn't go as you planned today. Imagine that instead of working your way through your to-do list as most of us do every day, imagine you find yourself dropping everything and rushing to a hospital 160 km away as your 11-year-old daughter's kidneys start to fail. Imagine you must drive over two hours as your precious child's life hangs in the balance. You had no way of ever knowing you'd need to prepare for this on a day that started like any other. Because, as you imagine what - for most of us - would be our worst nightmare, this is the reality for

Brave Aileen thanks HEARTFELT HOMES donors for helping her family stay by her side.

You may remember that recently a very special lady was introduced to the Heartfelt Homes family. Aileen Rowe has battled cancer since 2013 and last month she faced major life-changing surgery that would hopefully rid her of the unforgiving illness for good. Aileen lives on the Gold Coast and, with the lengthy operation she needed only available in Sydney, she was faced with at least a four-week stay in The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital away from her friends, family, and Gold Coast home. You can read Aileen's full story here. Since her surgery last month, we're absolutely thrilled to let you all know that Aileen has come through the operation well and is getting stronger and recovering a little more each day. Unfortunately, with jobs to hold down and

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Double the community love for Heartfelt Homes!

If you’ve been paying attention, you might know that with thanks to the lovely ladies down at Sienna Byron Bay,  Heartfelt Homes has our very own limited-edition nail polish on sale!! In a bid to help Heartfelt Homes keep families facing medical crisis together at a time they need each other the most, Sienna has created our very own Glitter Bomb Red which looks absolutely stunning. Not only does this gorgeous colour make your nails look great, 100% of profits from every single purchase of Glitter Bomb Red nail polish will be donated to Heartfelt Homes. Looking great, AND making a difference…where do we sign? In a further bid to raise awareness within our immediate community, the legends down at Maggie and Mr Jones Espresso and Wares in Ballina are now

“The cancer’s back”. Worst fear becomes heartbreaking reality for Aileen.

When you've used all the strength you can muster to overcome cancer, there's one thing that even the most positive of survivor fears. Hearing that it's returned. Learning that you must start the fight again. Letting it sink in that the most difficult time of your life is about to be repeated, and your future is, once again, uncertain. But that's the current reality for our beautiful Gold Coast local, Aileen. Aileen was originally diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2013. After the removal of her uterus and ongoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she and her family were overjoyed to enter a period or remission believing they could close the door on the traumatic chapter for good. Aileen returned to work, life went back to normal, and everything was going

Cancer patient refuses lifesaving treatment because hospital is too far from home

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin.   Imagine one of your parents has just received a diagnosis for cancer.  Their cancer is rare and the local hospital doesn’t have the capability to provide the complex treatment required. Your mum, dad, grand-parent, or whoever it may be, is referred to a larger city facility with more advanced treatment options.  Imagine the family member who’s just received this life-changing diagnosis is a pensioner, they’re financially challenged, and they must travel for five hours to receive this treatment as an outpatient and spend between two and five days away from home every week for the next eight weeks. Imagine that, because they can’t afford accommodation near the hospital, their only practical choice is to refuse the critical

There’s no place like home! Exclusive Heartfelt Homes nail polish released by Sienna Byron Bay.

We're proud to announce a collaboration that our ladies have been waiting for! I've been bursting at the seams to let you know of our most recent collaboration, and now I finally can! Our very own home-grown nail parlour, Sienna Byron Bay, has jumped on board as a valuable support of Heartfelt Homes! And how’s this for awesome, to show their ongoing commitment to helping us keep families facing medical crisis together, they’ve released their very own LIMITED EDITION Heartfelt Homes red nail polish! When you first see the deep red nail polish ingrained with tiny flecks of glitter, you’d be in good company if you flash straight back to the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s sparkly red shoes flitting across your screen. Quite apt really, as Dorothy’s most famous

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Social workers bridging the gap between Heartfelt Homes and families in need.

When Australian families are going through medical crisis far away from home, it's often the social workers based in the hospitals who’ll recommend Heartfelt Homes to those who need accommodation to stay close to their loved ones. The social workers are an integral cog in the Heartfelt Homes machine, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. They’re on the frontline and work tirelessly to make sure the practical and emotional needs of the patients and their families are met. They give them advice, options, and they pick up the phone and solve some of the family’s immediate problems when they’re going through medical crisis. They make often harrowing situations, that much easier.   The hospital social workers I speak to every day all do such an awesome

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Seven children – one of whom is critically injured – and just under 100 km away from the nearest hospital. Where would you turn if you were this desperate mum?

“What’s the difference between Heartfelt Homes and Ronald McDonald House?” I know it sounds like the start of a Christmas bonbon joke, but it’s not. That’s actually one of the most common questions I get asked when I tell anyone about Heartfelt Homes. Ronald McDonald House is an awesome organisation that provides purpose-built accommodation to families of children receiving hospital care. And while our services are similar, there are two principal differences between Ronald McDonald House and Heartfelt Homes. The first is that Ronald McDonald House, while providing a valuable support to families with unwell children, don’t extend the service to adult patients. Due to high demand for the valuable service, the tireless work carried out by the staff and volunteers at Ronald McDonald House only extends to the

Ladies Night – the gift that keeps on giving!

Last weekend, the first prize winner of our Ladies Night raffle held back in October at Shorty‘s in Lennox Head, claimed her epic prize! Michelle Lacey packed her bags and set off with her favourite girls to their luxury weekend away at local award-winning contemporary home, Amileka. Nestled in the stunning northern New South Wales hinterland, Amileka offers a truly unique Byron Bay experience. The luxury estate is set on picturesque acreage just a two-minute drive from the quaint village of Federal and is a 25-minute scenic drive to Byron Bay and its array of world-class beaches. The stunning home has five bedrooms and, with a pool, spa, fire-pit, and never-ending views; it's the perfect place to unwind with a group of friends and loved ones, as Michelle and

Nine benefits of volunteering for a non-profit organisation.

This week is National Volunteer Week across Australia. #NVW is an initiative held by Volunteering Australia designed to honour the six million volunteers who selflessly donate their time to help good causes across Australia. Volunteers are the lifeblood of most, if not all, charitable organisations. As the Founder of a busy not-for-profit myself I know just how much a valuable part they play in day-to-day operations. If you don't currently volunteer, but you've been thinking about helping out a local charity close to your heart, here are nine benefits of volunteering for a non-profit. 1) You're helping an awesome cause. Number one speaks for itself. Most charity budgets are stretched to capacity with every cent being sunk into helping the organisation achieve its mission. This can often leave organisations

Four ways to make a big difference to a local charity without donating a cent.

Something that I often hear when I’m out and about in the community is that people can no longer afford to donate to charity. There are so many good causes out there, and with each one with making as big an impact as the next; it’s not always practical to give money to everyone who asks for it. But while the hearts of the community might want to stretch to support all the charities; ‘giving’ doesn’t have to stop at money. There are many other ways to give to charity or to people who really need your help which won’t cost you a cent. Here are four simple ways you can give to a charity and make a big impact on your local or wider community, that won’t affect

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