About Caroline Meehan

Hi, I'm Caroline Meehan. Just over a year ago I had an idea that might help the families of rural patients in need of somewhere to stay whilst their loved one is being treated in hospital, little did I know that this small idea would grow into a large, not-for-profit charity called Heartfelt Homes. Ironically – and devastatingly – my husband was diagnosed with cancer shortly after I set up Heartfelt Homes. Since then my husband, our two small children and myself have learnt first-hand how frightening, emotional and expensive such an experience can be, as we live in rural NSW. I have now discovered for myself just how essential Heartfelt Homes is. I am very proud of the work we do and very lucky to have a great team of people working for Heartfelt Homes who are as enthusiastic and passionate as I am.

Happy New Year hopes dashed with the phone call every mother dreads.

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Some people crumble when life deals them a tough hand. Others handle whatever's thrown at them with positivity, strength, and confidence. Blue Haven mum, Diane, is the epitome of the latter and a walking talking example of how such a positive attitude extends to benefit others. 2017 was a rough year for this beautiful lady

THANK YOU from happy little chappy, Samuel.

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Seven-month-old Samuel has a rare congenital lung malformation and just before Christmas he had an operation at The Children's Hospital at Westmead over 7 hours away from his Coonamble home. While Samuel recovered, with thanks to Heartfelt Homes donors, we were able to provide accommodation for Sam's mum and dad at 175 Hotels and Apartments, 300 metres

Childhood cancer is a journey, not a destination.

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Childhood cancer. The fear that every parent silently harbours from the moment of conception until the end of time. Never in their wildest nightmares could a parent fathom what it means for their beautiful child to face aggressive chemotherapy as their school-friends sit their end of year exams. But, from the moment 13-year-old Teagan Ferguson's

“There’s been an accident.” Mother-of-three, Fiona MacAnally, no stranger to medical crisis far away from home.

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When you meet Heartfelt Homes’ Managing Director, Fiona MacAnally, you can't help but warm to her bubbly personality and  compassionate nature. As a self-confessed wearer of her heart on her sleeve, it will only take you a short time to realise that Fiona cares. Genuinely.   Fiona MacAnally, Managing Director - Heartfelt Homes, 2017. As

Meet the Osbornes: Family from Bathurst endures medical crisis at Westmead.

2017-11-24T20:39:54+10:00 November 24th, 2017|

If ever there's a family's story that will remind you to count your blessings as you go to sleep tonight, it's the Osbornes. Just over 12 months ago in October 2016, 15-year-old Scott, a very sporty and active teenager, was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia Syndrome with Monosomy 7, or MDS. To you and me, we know

Stone and Wood providing valuable support for Heartfelt Homes.

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The moment you meet the team at Stone and Wood, Byron Bay, you know you're in the presence of a company with heart. Not only do the original brewers of the Northern Rivers provide a range of deliciously unique lagers and ales currently sold in bottle shops and bars across Australia; with their company ethos

Family from Rutherford, NSW, facing serious medical crisis 160 kilometres from home.

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Imagine. As you prepare dinner for the family tonight or kiss your kids' goodbye as they rush out the door to school; imagine that life doesn't go as you planned today. Imagine that instead of working your way through your to-do list as most of us do every day, imagine you find yourself dropping everything

Brave Aileen thanks HEARTFELT HOMES donors for helping her family stay by her side.

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You may remember that recently a very special lady was introduced to the Heartfelt Homes family. Aileen Rowe has battled cancer since 2013 and last month she faced major life-changing surgery that would hopefully rid her of the unforgiving illness for good. Aileen lives on the Gold Coast and, with the lengthy operation she needed

“The cancer’s back”. Worst fear becomes heartbreaking reality for Aileen.

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When you've used all the strength you can muster to overcome cancer, there's one thing that even the most positive of survivor fears. Hearing that it's returned. Learning that you must start the fight again. Letting it sink in that the most difficult time of your life is about to be repeated, and your future