Happy New Year hopes dashed with the phone call every mother dreads.

Some people crumble when life deals them a tough hand. Others handle whatever’s thrown at them with positivity, strength, and confidence.

Blue Haven mum, Diane, is the epitome of the latter and a walking talking example of how such a positive attitude extends to benefit others.

2017 was a rough year for this beautiful lady and her family.

With son, Hayden battling a rare medical condition at their home on the Central Coast, Diane has had to give up work to give her much-loved offspring the round-the-clock care he needs.

Traumatic enough for even the most resilient, but Diane keeps going, taking it all in her maternal stride.

As the dawn of the New Year broke, Diane already knew that 2018 was going to be a tough year for her family. Dealing with her son’s ongoing medical condition has not been easy, but she was still filled with the same hope and optimism that each one of us feels at the start of a fresh New Year.

And then, on January 2, the phone rang.

Diane’s 17-year-old son, Rhys, had been in a motorcycle accident at Lithgow and his life was hanging in the balance.

He’d been transferred to specialist care in the ICU at the Westmead Hospital over an hour and a half away from their home. He had serious head injuries and he needed urgent surgery to fix his jaw, leg, and chest injuries. Combined with his head injury, the next four days were critical.


Rhys at the scene of his life threatening crash. 

With one son with high medical needs at their home in Blue Haven, and another an hour and a half away with severe brain trauma that could cost him his life, both young men needed the love and support that only a mother could provide, and Diane was torn.

Of course, she rushed to be by the side of Rhys as he went through an operation that would end up saving his life.

With a financial situation that left no other option for accommodation, Diane and her daughter had no choice but to sleep in the social worker’s office at Westmead while they waited for news of Rhys.

And that’s where they were when Heartfelt Homes got the call to see if we could help this family. And with thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were only too grateful we could say YES.

We could provide nine nights’ accommodation at 175 Hotels and Apartments for Diane and her daughter, 300 metres away from the Westmead Hospital.

While Rhys went through possibly the toughest time in his life so far, Diane and her daughter had a safe and comfortable bed to rest in, a shower to freshen up and restore their energy, and the comfort of knowing they could stay by Rhys’ side for as long as he needed them.

When families use accommodation from Heartfelt Homes, it doesn’t just give them somewhere clean and safe to stay to make their lives a bit easier.

It gives a chance for family members to recharge so they can offer emotional strength to their loved ones who are sick or injured. It helps them refresh so they can control their own emotions so the positivity and confident energy that needs to surround the patient flows in abundance.

It gives patients the optimism to beat the odds and go from a life hanging in the balance to sitting up and talking in eight days. Just like Rhys did.

Here’s the difference eight days being surrounded by strength and positivity from loved ones can make. 

We’re over the moon to report that Rhys is now back home with his family where he belongs and we can’t help but credit Diane’s strength and positivity to putting him on the long road to recovery.

“Wanting to just say a big thank you for enabling me to stay very close to my son while he was in ICU. I am happy to report he is home now and where the road to recovery will be long he is doing really well” Mum, Diane.

THANK YOU to all our donors who helped make it possible for Rhys’ family to stay by his side and giving him the strength he needed to beat the very bleak medical odds.  We can’t say YES without you!


Diane’s sons Hayden battling long-term illness, and Rhys after his accident. 


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