“There’s been an accident.” Mother-of-three, Fiona MacAnally, no stranger to medical crisis far away from home.

When you meet Heartfelt Homes’ Managing Director, Fiona MacAnally, you can’t help but warm to her bubbly personality and  compassionate nature. As a self-confessed wearer of her heart on her sleeve, it will only take you a short time to realise that Fiona cares. Genuinely.


Fiona MacAnally, Managing Director – Heartfelt Homes, 2017.

As mum to three active boys now in their twenties, and wife to cycling-fanatic, Gus; Fiona is no stranger to picking up the phone and hearing those heart-stopping words, there’s been an accident.”

One Saturday morning in 2013, Gus was out on a road bike ride when he was hit by a car travelling at speed and flung from his bike breaking his back in several places.

As a self-employed acupuncturist, his income stopped immediately while the outgoings continued as normal. Over time, his busy clinic had to close and it would be some two years before Gus was fit enough to work again and draw a wage. Thankfully, with intensive rehabilitation he made a full recovery, but Fiona can well identify with the families that need Heartfelt Homes because she and her family have also felt the full brunt of financial burden caused by an illness or injury.

Gus in hospital in 2013 with best friend, Tony. 

As Gus recovered, and life started to return to the new version of normal for the MacAnallys, in March 2014, the phone rang again.

This time, it was her youngest son, Ryan, an elite NRS cyclist. He was competing in the Tour de Perth and had been involved in a high-speed crash.

From their home on the Gold Coast, Fiona rushed to her son’s hospital bedside in Perth while the medical professionals tested for a spinal cord injury that could potentially have rendered Ryan paralysed.

Ryan in The Royal Perth Hospital, 2014.

Thankfully, both of those men in Fiona’s life went on to make full recoveries, but both incidents have left an imprint in Fiona’s mind that helps her understand what our families are going through. At the time of both of these accidents, Fiona would have done anything to have a service like Heartfelt Homes offer support during times of need for she and her family.

Son, Ryan, and husband, Gus, still in a back brace but on his way to making a full recovery.

Fiona joined Heartfelt Homes earlier in 2017 as a member of the leadership team. Her primary responsibilities are focussed on implementing and delivering structured fundraising programs and overseeing day-to-day operations.

What makes Fiona the right person for Heartfelt Homes? 

Fiona’s career in the not-for-profit sector began ten years ago as the Development & Alumni Coordinator of Art, Education, and Law at Griffith University. Inspired by witnessing the positive impact a professional fundraiser could have on society, from there she went on to create further social change in various professional fundraising roles within LifeFlight Australia (formerly CareFlight Group) including Fundraising Program Development Manager and, most recently, Philanthropy Adviser and Future Giving Manager.

Notable achievements throughout her career include co-founding LifeFlight’s inaugural Base to Base cycle challenge in 2012. Through her skill, professionalism and event management skills, the event grew year upon year and went on to raise in excess of $500,000 across five successful events with every dollar going directly to helping the rescue service save the lives of Queenslanders going through medical crisis.

Fiona’s broad spectrum of professional fundraising experience in the not-for-profit sector has largely been based on designing, developing, and implementing structured, donor-focussed fundraising programs. Programs which honour a commitment of responsibility to use every dollar in a way that the donor will be satisfied with while getting the best results for the organisation.

Fiona is a typical ‘people person’ and with years of experience working alongside individual donors, volunteers, event supporters and corporate sponsors who are all united to achieve the best possible outcome for a common cause, her communication skills are second to none.

Family is everything to Fiona, at home and at work.
L-R Tom (26), Fiona, Zac (27), Gus, and Ryan (25)

Fiona’s arrival is a positive step for the growth and future sustainability of Heartfelt Homes and with her skills, solid experience within the sector, and passion for making a difference we predict some great results which will help Heartfelt Homes further reach our mission to say YES to every single family, every single time.

“I’ve been following Heartfelt Homes for a long time and often wished something like this existed when I had to fly to Perth after Ryan’s accident. People don’t realise how drastically life can change in a split second.  I’m honoured to now be in this position to support the growth of Heartfelt Homes so we can help as many families across Australia as possible.” Fiona MacAnally, 2017.

Fiona’s looking forward to meeting and greeting as many of our loyal supporters as possible. In the meantime, to find out how you can help Heartfelt Homes say YES to more families in need, please contact Fiona MacAnally on 0478 111 508.

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