Social workers bridging the gap between Heartfelt Homes and families in need.

When Australian families are going through medical crisis far away from home, it’s often the social workers based in the hospitals who’ll recommend Heartfelt Homes to those who need accommodation to stay close to their loved ones.

The social workers are an integral cog in the Heartfelt Homes machine, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. They’re on the frontline and work tirelessly to make sure the practical and emotional needs of the patients and their families are met. They give them advice, options, and they pick up the phone and solve some of the family’s immediate problems when they’re going through medical crisis.

They make often harrowing situations, that much easier.  

The hospital social workers I speak to every day all do such an awesome job and their feedback is super valuable to improving the service that Heartfelt Homes’ provides for the families we help, for hospital administration staff, and for our donors. 

A big Heartfelt thanks to all the social workers who are out there doing such a fabulous job each and every day.

Here’s some of their feedback on how Heartfelt Homes helps make life easier for the everyday Australians they support every day. 

“Heartfelt Homes has helped many families I have worked with in the Hospital. One particular family that comes to mind is a couple who were homeless and their daughter was in intensive care at the Children’s Hospital. The generous support of Heartfelt homes meant that this mother was able to continue to breastfeed her daughter and the parents were able to see their daughter every day. As you can imagine this meant the world to this family.

Heartfelt Homes helps keep families together when a loved one is in Hospital. What a meaningful gift to provide a family in their time of need.” Mali. 

“Heartfelt Homes provides a wonderful avenue of support for families in need. Most often, these families are in crisis resulting from the sudden, unplanned and often serious health conditions of a family member that have resulted in them being admitted to hospital.

We know that families ability to be close by their loved one minimises both their distress and the patient’s. We often have families travelling to Sydney from great distances and who are unable to independently meet the significant cost of accommodation near the hospital. Being away from home can mean that they are isolated from their usual support networks. The psychological and financial impact on these families is evident. Family members often are unable to work during this time and they experience significant increases in expenses including accommodation, travel and subsistence costs.

Having a loved one in hospital is a stressful experience in itself. The added financial burden for people who do not live nearby is significant. Heartfelt homes has provided timely, seamless and compassionate support to the families I have worked with. This support has helped ease the burden on families and better enables them to be there for the patient.” Amber

“I work with families who have limited financial resources, their lives have been uprooted due to some form of trauma such as a loved one being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. These families find themselves from one day going about life as normal to the next day no knowing if anything will be OK. The families often have to travel from their homes all over NSW to relocate to a major hospital, they leave behind the security of their homes, their family, their jobs (which is usually their source of income) to an unfamiliar environment full of unknowns. So to have a service such as Heartfelt homes that can provide immediate assistance with somewhere safe for these families to stay which is in close proximity to the hospital, it makes a huge difference.” Jemma

Group hug guys, you’re all legends!
Caroline x





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