My Giving Circle providing vital support for rural and regional Australians facing medical crisis.

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a really nice guy called Aaron. He was representing My Giving Circle and he told me that Heartfelt Homes has been chosen as their charity of choice for their next giving circle.

With this new and stress-free (for me!) way for not-for-profits to receive much-needed donations now in place; I thought I’d give you all a heads up on this awesome bunch of humans who are making a huge difference to charities, including Heartfelt Homes, throughout Australia.

Giving Circles have been around for a long time but with the rise of the digital world they are much more accessible and are becoming an increasingly popular way for individual donors to connect with each other, and make a bigger impact on their charity of choice.

What would have been a $5, $50 or $500 donation from an individual is combined with others who have the same heart for a cause; and a larger amount is provided to a charity. Their charity of choice then gives the circle a bigger picture review of how the funds will be used.

While Giving Circles don’t necessarily increase the dollar value of donations that a charity receives, they do provide the opportunity for donors to directly see the results that their group’s giving is having on their worthy cause which allows them to give in a much more philanthropic manner.

With My Giving Circle now set up to take donations for Heartfelt Homes, for anyone that pledges to donate monthly to Heartfelt, these legends have pledged to MATCH the first month’s donation. I can see the impact of your kind donation increasing as we speak!

Regular Giving is a valuable way to help create the future of Heartfelt Homes, while making a difference today. All donations are fully tax-deductible, and setting up an automatic donation dramatically reduces our overheads and allows us to plan for the future.

Just $29 a month provides accommodation for a family for three nights while their loved ones are receiving treatment in hospital far away from home. $29 a month helps us to keep families together at a time they need each other the most.

Families just like the Turner’s who are located in Adelaide. Their precious son and brother to Jenna, Josh, is eleven-years-old and is currently undergoing his EIGHTH major surgery. He has a rare condition called Arteriovenous Malformation. AVM is a defect in the circulatory system where the poorly formed blood vessels become tangled and compromise circulation to the affected area. In Josh’s case, it is his foot that is at continual risk and he is currently undergoing another major operation to save his body part.

The Turner’s aren’t able to receive the specialised care they need for Josh in Adelaide, so each specialist appointment and treatment plan sees the family-of-four travelling to Melbourne for nights at a time, a cost which runs into the thousands each trip.

With thanks to the support of our donors, Heartfelt Homes provides accommodation to this family every time they make the gruelling trip, and can take one less worry off of their plate through an extremely emotional, worrying, and stressful time.

Unfortunately, Heartfelt Homes is not yet in the position where we can say yes to every single family, every single time, and it kills me when I have to say no to people who depend on us. But with your help we can be. To join the My Giving Circle as a monthly donor and to make a noticeable difference to the lives of families just like Josh’s, please click here.

While $29 a month will provide accommodation for a family for three nights, any amount of your choice is extremely valuable to the families across Australia that we help. Please support My Giving Circle, and families across Australia today. CLICK HERE.


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