Maggie and Mr Jones Espresso and Wares helping Heartfelt Homes keep families together.

One of the things I LOVE about doing what I do is the constant stream of inspiring people I meet along the way.

Everywhere I look, people are taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, and the positive contribution people are making to society, right here on our front doorstep, never ceases to amaze me.

Take last week for example.

A beautiful friend of mine, Nolin who works for OnQ Human Resources called me, she was so excited to let me know about a coffee shop they had just purchased (Maggie and Mr Jones) which would be run as a social venture and they also wanted to help Heartfelt Homes raise funds by having one of our donation boxes on their counter. Awesome.

They also wanted to go one step further and asked if they could sell our funky tote bags to raise even more funds for Heartfelt Homes, but most importantly, raise awareness in the community for the work that we do. So can I just take this opportunity to thank Lisa (CEO), Nolin, Janelle and Dylan for reaching out and supporting even more families through our communities.

About Maggie and Mr Jones:

Maggie and Mr Jones is not just a coffee shop. It’s a social enterprise that gives back to the community. ALL of the profit from your cup of coffee is donated to causes which provide locals with disabilities employment and training opportunities.

They have taken the most ordinary thing that Australians do every single day, drink coffee, and turned this into a selfless, extraordinary benefit to the community. The support they give is creating social change and taking the limits off of the lives of people living with a disability. All from your cup of coffee. How amazing is that?!

The legendary team at Maggie and Mr Jones don’t just serve coffee, they also have a mouth-watering breakfast and lunch menu PLUS a range of delicious tasty treats with gluten free, dairy free and paleo options to meet your dietary needs too.

And if this isn’t enough; Dylan and Janelle are so friendly, they offer the best service, and really make you feel welcome; it’s just like you’ve gone to your mate’s place for lunch! Love it!

So one piece of advice I can give you for free is to get yourself down to Maggie and Mr Jones Espresso and Wares at 3/81 Tamar Street, Ballina. They serve the best coffee in town but it’s not just coffee; it’s coffee…with a purpose!

Head over and give them some love on Facebook here

I believe that in everything we do we can find meaning – and these guys are well and truly nailing it!

And now they’re supporting Heartfelt Homes too, what an awesome bunch of humans!


If your business is looking for ways to give back to the community, having one of our donation boxes on your counter will make a HUGE difference to Australians going through medical crisis. Or you could stock and sell our cool TOTE bags to your customers, at just $5, they will love them!

All funds raised are directly used to provide hotel and motel accommodation near city hospitals for the families of rural and remote patients who are receiving hospital treatment far away from home.

Every dollar received from donation tins makes a massive impact to those families in need and helps us to keep them together.

Call or email Caroline today to arrange a donation box placement or bag delivery and make a difference to Australians in need without lifting a finger! Your support is invaluable to us.

Heartfelt thanks

Caroline x

[email protected]

0478 111 508


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