Five ways a temporary disconnect from your life will make you happier and more focussed.

Today, I feel energised. I feel refreshed. And I feel ready to kick some goals.

And not only that, I have a clear idea of exactly how those goals will be kicked.

In case you were wondering, I haven’t just come back from a Tony Robbins Motivational course; my current PMA hasn’t stemmed from anything anywhere near as exciting as that. You see the difference between me today and me two weeks ago is a simple one – I’ve had a holiday.

Now I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m not even trying to make you jealous that I spent the past seven nights cruising around the pacific islands with an all you can eat buffet on hand 24 – 7 (Next stop, boot camp!)

No, I’m telling you this because I’ve realised while I was away; and especially now I’m back; how important it is that we all take proper time to unplug from the world and recharge our batteries. And I wanted to take some time to share this with you.

I had tried to take a break with my family a few times before now but there always seemed to be something getting in the way – finances, high workload, school events, community commitments. The list went on. There was no way I could take us all out of life for a whole week! In the end my husband practically forced me into booking our luxury cruise (OK, that one was a brag, I’ll stop now!) and switching our phones off bound for Destination Dessert Island.

But I’ve come back and after no phones, no internet, lots of sleep ins, a time to do nothing but relax and literally NO STRESS for 7 days, I’m more focussed than ever.

I worried that I was being selfish by abandoning our commitments and taking this time for us, and if you’re in the same boat (pardon the pun!), here are a few reasons that it’s important to have a holiday and recharge and it will in fact, make you happier.

1) You reconnect with your loved ones.

Seriously, family is the most important thing to me. It’s what the foundations of Heartfelt Homes are built on and everything we do is focussed around family. So this made it hard for me to see that I’d kind of been neglecting my own. The kids get dinner and play time every night and Andy and I most certainly spend quality time together but by neglecting I mean not being available 24-7. Sadly, I highly doubt that’s possible in the real Western world where people have jobs and an education to focus on – but it is when you’re cruising. And I loved every minute of it.



2) You fill up your cup.

I keep using this phrase but it’s so true – when your cup is empty of energy and inspiration you don’t have anything to give to others. Your family, friends and colleagues are only getting the little scraps of you that are left over once you’ve met your own needs and there’s not always that much to go around. Resting and recharging fills your metaphorical cup right back up again so not only are you available to be there for others, it’s actually enjoyable!

3) Reduce your chance of illness.

When your body is stressed, the stress hormone, cortisol increases inflammation in the body which leaves it weak and susceptible to a variety of illnesses and disease. When your immunity is low, you become susceptible to catching all the bugs that are flying around as well as putting yourself in danger to other more serious health issues.

Resting strengthens your body helping it to fend off those nasty bugs.

4) You can reassess your goals and refocus

When you have a full plate, you often don’t have time to assess the reasons you’re doing something. We all get so caught up in deadlines and to-do lists that there isn’t time to ask yourself ‘why’? Stepping out of the picture for a little while allows you to have a clear view of what you’re working on, whether you need to be, and to prioritise all of those projects which have been piling up on you. Getting away is also a good chance to naturally contemplate HOW you’re going to tackle your next move.

5) You make beautiful memories.

Who doesn’t love fun times? Getting up every day and playing with the kids, relaxing, seeing new places and meeting new people, not being on a schedule and eating whatever you want and sharing new experiences as a whole family. Something the kids and us will all look back and smile on forever.


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So, no, I’m definitely not bragging and while I know I’ll be apologising to everyone for weeks to come while I play catch up. While I was away, life went on without me and now I feel more focussed than ever and ready to smash out some serious goals!!

For those of you who are tired and restless but thinking that your work won’t be able to manage without you, take my advice– just book it! Switch your phone off, disconnect from the world and trust me; your body and mind, and probably everyone around you, will thank you for it!


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