Four things to consider before deciding which charity to donate to.

In today’s modern world of 24-7 communication and with the increasing popularity of crowdfunding sights such as Go Fund Me; there is no shortage of charitable causes asking you for your hard-earned dollar at every turn.

Children in need on your front doorstep, international campaigns on a global scale, and the rescue animals and lifesavers in between; there is no deserving cause that is unlikely to tug at the heart strings of a charitable giver.

Some requests may be warranted and some not so, but you can bet your bottom dollar (pun intended!) that the kind-hearted amongst you have a hard time deciding who to give your precious charitable donation to when everyone seems to want a piece of your giving pie.

For the Average-Joe who wants to give, it would be nearly impossible to donate to everyone who asked and even those who didn’t; so we’ve put together a guide of four things to consider before you make your donation.

1. Do your research. 

It’s important that you know exactly where and how your donated dollar is being spent. The majority of websites will give you this information and will keep you updated with literature on the work that their organisation is carrying out. If you’re still not satisfied, all charities will have a contact number for someone you can ring to talk to about their work. There is no charity in Australia that wouldn’t have time to sit down and explain their work to a well-meaning potential donor.

 2. Make sure you’re giving to a registered charity.

All charities in Australia are listed on the ACNC website (Australia Charities for Not for Profits Commission). If you have decided to donate to a charity and you want peace of mind that they’re registered correctly, enter their details here

3. Start with your community.

There are many national and international charities that are all creating great social change in the world. No doubt, these global operations rely on charitable dollars for their sustainability and are great organisations to donate to.

In addition to this, you will find many smaller charities whose operations are conducted directly in your community; the local animal shelter, surf lifesavers and homeless shelters to name a few. The best thing about donating locally is that not only do you enhance the community in which you live; you can also directly see the impact your donation is making by visiting the facility.

4. Find a charity that has personal meaning for you.

Seeing loved ones affected by a loss, illness or another personal situation will often trigger a need to give. When you have personal experience of a problem that a charitable organisation is trying to solve, there is no better way to direct your giving and make you feel as though you are doing something worthwhile in an otherwise hopeless situation.

Ultimately, if your heart says ‘yes’ then your head would struggle to override it as far as donating is concerned. If, however, you are finding it tough to make a decision on who to donate to, hopefully this guide has given you a clearer insight into some of the bigger-picture things to consider before you sign your cheque.

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