Heartfelt Homes meets The Funding Network Australia.

By now, you will have seen some Facebook and Instagram posts regarding our involvement with The Funding Network (TFN), and I wanted to give you a rundown on who they are and what our relationship with them means for Heartfelt Homes over the next week, month, year and into the future.

TFN partners with grassroots charities, with the ultimate goal of supporting their vision for social change. They host “high impact and high energy” crowd-funding events where the audience donates to those charities who are present at the event.

The next TFN event is taking place in Brisbane on June 15th, or next Wednesday if we want to get real about it! I will be standing up alongside two awesome charities (CORES Australia and Orange Sky Laundry), in a room full of over 100 people and pitching for six minutes on why they should give their hard earned money to Heartfelt Homes to get nothing more in return than a tax-deductible receipt. Insert scared face here!!!

Once I’ve delivered my pitch, I’ll leave the room, and the crowd will start to bid on our cause. Charities in the past have received donations of more than $10,000 as a result of delivering the goods during those precious six minutes. As you can imagine, I’m spending most of my waking hours (and some sleeping hours to be fair!) putting everything into making sure I nail this!

This is the best opportunity that Heartfelt has ever had to branch out into Queensland and start helping more families in need. More families who find themselves receiving hospital treatment far away from their home, more families just like yours and mine.

TFN has provided so much support and coaching to make sure that we’re all ready for the event. They’ve communicated every step of the way and really made sure that there’s no way we can miss the mark. Their ultimate passion is to help others create positive social change through innovation and a grand vision for the future. We’re so truly humbled to be involved in this; it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are giving it our all!

Throughout the evening, we’ll get the chance to network with some influential people who might be able to provide ‘in-kind’ services such as business guidance and marketing opportunities. As a grassroots charity which is entirely funded by charitable donations, this support could take Heartfelt to the next level.

Our possibilities for the future have all of a sudden become limitless.

As many of you know, Heartfelt Homes was born after my family spent weeks travelling back and forth from Lennox Head to Brisbane after my partner was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and needed a gruelling course of treatment. To have come full circle and be taking Heartfelt to Brisbane for a positive reason makes this whole event even more emotional for us all.

The more people who are in the room discussing the work that Heartfelt Homes carries out, the better. So if you’re in Queensland and would like to come along to show your support to Heartfelt Homes and the fantastic work that the Funding Network are carrying out in the wider community, tickets are $30 and can be bought online. You can also find out more information and read the write-up of Heartfelt Homes on their website www.thefundingnetwork.com.au

While we’re focussed on giving the perfect pitch, and doing our very best on the night, the experience isn’t over on June 15th once the pitch is delivered; for Heartfelt Homes, that could be just the beginning.

Wish us luck!

Caroline xx

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