What a year!

Although my year started as one of the worst of my life, it has ended in a way I could never have dreamt of. After his cancer diagnosis at the very end of 2013, my husband Andy is now doing really well and is getting back to great health, while Heartfelt Homes has grown beyond all my hopes and dreams. This year we’ve helped 16 families in urgent need of accommodation due to having a loved one in hospital far from home, and we’re hoping to help many, many more next year.

I could not have done any of this without some rather amazing people, who I would like to mention and thank in the final Heartfelt Homes blog of 2014.

Heartfelt thanks to David Jackson from DPMedia (www.d-print.com.au). David is an active board director for Heartfelt Homes and very generously donates his time and his team to design and create ALL our media. The value of this to Heartfelt Homes is massive; by having these costs donated we can use all the funds we raise to help families. Professional partners are invaluable to Heartfelt Homes, and the team at DPMedia are legends. I love your work and I love working with you.

David is also my sounding board. I run most decisions and strategies for Heartfelt Homes past him first, and it’s his advice and constant words of encouragement that have helped our charity become bigger and better this year. Thank you DJ.

I’m also sending heartfelt thanks to Lisa Shearon of Post Script Writing & Editing (www.postscriptwords.com) for being amazing – not only with words but also for her constant encouragement and support, all the way from Perth. This year Lisa’s written many articles and posts for Heartfelt Homes, and is now producing our fabulous monthly newsletter and weekly blog. She even fundraised for Heartfelt Homes by taking part in the Swan River Run earlier in the year. Lisa’s contribution to Heartfelt Homes is so greatly appreciated; we couldn’t have grown in the way we have without her. Thank you Lisa, we love you.

Thanks must also go to your our wonderful and donors and supporters. I say it often, but it’s true: Heartfelt Homes would not exist without you:

Blackboard Coffee & Griffith Street Larder           www.blackboardcoffee.com.au

Lions Club Lennox Head                                           www.lionslennoxhead.org

Alan Glasby of Kestrel Assist                                    www.kestrelbusiness.com.au

LJ Hooker – Lennox Head                                        www.lennoxhead.ljhooker.com.au

The Strand – Coolangatta                                          www.strandcoolangatta.com.au

WCA Chartered Accountants – Ballina                   www.wcagroup.com.au

Stone & Wood                                                               www.stoneandwood.com.au

Quattro Restaurants                                                    www.quattro-restaurant.com

Shortys – Lennox Head                                              www.facebook.com/pages/Shortys-Restaurant-Bar-Lennox-Head/255472341140825

Uber Gold Coast                                                           www.uber.com/cities/gold-coast

Food Gold Coast                                                           www.foodgoldcoast.com.au

Blank GC                                                                        www.blankgc.com.au

Lennox Wave                                                                www.lennoxwave.com

Northern Star                                                               www.northernstar.com.au

NBN Television                                                            www.nbnnews.com.au

Muscle and Skin – East Ballina                                www.muscleandskin.com.au


Thank you to our hospital partners. Heartfelt Homes works closely with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, The Gold Coast University Hospital and Lismore Base. I’m so happy we can assist the social workers when they have a family in need of accommodation – we look forward to helping many more families in 2015.

And thanks to our many accommodation partners, who are always there to assist when we have a family in need, no matter what time of day or day of the week.

Thank you all; you should feel proud to be a supporter because you have made a difference to the lives of many families.

Heartfelt Homes has some really exciting projects, campaigns and new partners to announce for 2015, but I’m going to wait until next year to tell you all about them, for now is the time to wish you all a very merry Christmas and an epic New Year.

We hope you and your loved ones have a happy and safe Christmas break.

Thank you

Caroline Meehan


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  1. Fiona December 18, 2014 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Hi Caroline

    As a friend of Lisa’s I know what a wonderful organisation this is.

    Bless you, and wishing you and your family a fabulous Christmas.

    I have made a small donation – hope it all helps.

    • Caroline Meehan December 18, 2014 at 11:54 am - Reply

      Thank you very much Fiona, wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas and very happy, healthy new year.

  2. Caroline Meehan December 18, 2014 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Thank you very much Fiona, wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas and very happy, healthy new year.

  3. Mick Thompkins August 15, 2015 at 7:16 am - Reply

    Caroline! Both Gurcharan and me have been trying to hunt u down and it wud appear as though we have?! I don’t think u r in Facebook r u? Would love to hear ur news as we r in touch with a few from the O2 days….

    Looks like u have been having some great times as well as some sad ones but hopefully this continued on the upward trend from ur last post on here?

    Give us a shout anyway if u get a minute 🙂

    Cheers, Mick

    • Caroline Meehan August 18, 2015 at 10:25 am - Reply

      Hey Mick, how the devil are ya?? Yes its me, I am on FB too, I will hunt for you and friend you. It’s really great to hear from you, I got a message from Gurch the other night too which was awesome, took me right back to o2!! Happy days. Thanks for messaging me, I’ll head over to FB and find you bud. x

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