Our support to A&E patients

As each week passes by, we learn more of the huge need for our services; providing accommodation for the families of rural patients, particularly those admitted through A&E. Imagine your 5 year old broke both legs really badly and were flown to a hospital 100’s of km’s away. Mum, Dad and maybe siblings would need to find suitable, affordable accommodation, very quickly.
By providing 2/3 nights accommodation for our families, they do not have this worry. They do not have to start searching maps for the best location in a city they’ve never been to, they do not have to ring round several hotels/motels searching availability, they do not have to have several conversations that they could really do without in their time of crisis, not to mention the worry of how they will afford it.
Families across Australia are effected by horrible situations like this on a daily basis and if they cannot make suitable, affordable arrangements, they are separated when they desperately need each other.
There is no other charity and service like Heartfelt Homes in Australia. No where else can families of patients can turn for help when they urgently need it. No other charity looks after the families of those who have had a serious accident, suffered a heart attack, stroke, serious burns, or any other emergency that sees them in A&E and we need your help to continue providing our service.
If you can help us, please donate today. Thank you.


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