Struggle for families of rural patients

This mum had already spent several nights in accommodation, paying full price through school holidays.  After her funds ran out and she had no where to go, leaving her with the options of leaving her critically ill son, or sleeping in the car at the side of the road….  Take a read of her referral and imagine her desperation.

Do you live far from a major hospital? Have you ever been in a similar situation, do you know families who are currently in this situation?  We would love to hear your stories, help us raise awareness of the challenges rural patients face.  We did help this Mum but sadly we cannot help everyone who is referred to us.  Become a regular supporter of our work by donating just $25 a month and help families in you community and across Australia.  Thank you.

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Hi Caroline – Referral from Gold Coast University Hospital.
I have an 18 year old male that is currently an inpatient on the neurosurgery ward who has been admitted post trauma MVA – (serious motor vehicle accident)
As you can imagine, this is a very frightening time for a young person to be in hospital, without being able to move. The patients Mum resides in Woodburn NSW and has been staying at a caravan park so that she can visit her son daily. Sadly, she has checked out of the park this morning and plans on staying in her vehicle as she is struggling financially to afford the accommodation expenses. She is on a sole pension.

If there is any assistance you can provide, so that she can be with her son during this time, without having to stay in her car, that you would greatly appreciated.

We strongly advocate for the patient to have his mother with him during this time. Thank you so much.

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