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As the founder of Heartfelt Homes, unfortunately, my understanding of the huge need for this service has grown so much in the past few months as my own family has been on its own Heartfelt journey, with my husband recently diagnosed with cancer.

Prior to him being admitted into hospital we had several 6 hour round trips for various test and scans as we live in rural NSW, approximately 3 hours from Brisbane Royal Hospital.  Whilst my husband was in hospital undergoing major surgery, I have been separated from my 2 and 3 year old and have done many more 6 hour round trips to visit him.

This has in itself been exhausting, frightening, expensive and generally overwhelmingly emotional but you have to keep going for the sake of your loved one and your children.

Thankfully his operation went well, he came home from hospital last night and is due to start radiation at the end of March, this will be in Brisbane so our round trips and overnight stays will start all over again, and of course organising care for the children.

Going through this has only motivated me to continue to grow our services and awareness of Heartfelt Homes for those families in need of somewhere to stay whilst their loved ones are in hospital.

Until this happens to you, you cannot even to begin to understand the rollercoaster you are on and how on earth you will manage, but along with Heartfelt Homes, there is more help out there so I will continue to update the website with as many links to government financial assistance, travel options and of course accommodation choices.

If you have any helpful links, suggestions or advice that may help another family out there going through this incredibly tough time, please feel free to share with us on the website, or face book

Please help Heartfelt Homes to grow, either by donating accommodation, making a financial donation through our many options on the website or simply spreading the word, our services our very much needed all over Australia right now and your support will be life changing.

Finally, a huge thank you to all our beautiful friends and family for the calls, messages, food, petrol, childcare and love and support you have shown us, we could not have got through this time without you.
Thank you, Caroline Meehan, Founder, Heartfelt Homes.

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